HISTORICAL EXHIBITION - the Museum collection depicts the rich history of Russian vodka from the moment  it was invented  to present time. Over thousand exhibits from different periods  of  Russian history include photos and documents , advertising and “agitprop” posters, vodka labels, bottles, carafes, measures and many other unique pieces. The Museum is especially proud of its original wax figures compositions which illustrate  the first stages of vodka invention and production in Russia.
EXCURSION - Our guides will  take you through the exciting history of vodka. They’ll tell you who first produced it, how distillation process is performed, teach you  the best way to drink vodka and which food is the best to go with it. You’ll learn many interesting and curious facts about vodka and  its role in Russian society.
TASTING - the Museum invites you to vodka tasting during which you’ll sample several different brands of vodka accompanied by  a variety of Russian traditional vodka snacks - “zakuski”.
CONTEMPORARY PRODUCERS - during your visit you’ll learn about major Russian present-day spirits producers, and get an opportunity  to purchase vodka either in  traditional or souvenir packing.   

SOUVENIRS - after your visit to the Museum there is a shop to explore. It offers a wide range of  unconventional souvenirs & gifts  branded with the trademarks of the major Russian producers of vodka or the Russian Vodka Museum logo.


Prices for visitors of Russian Vodka Museum

Prices for visitors of Russian Vodka Museum
1. Guided tour (30 min.) in Russian or English and vodka sampling (3 kinds of vodka with traditional Russian snacks) - 600 RUB.
2. Guided tour (30 min.) - 450 RUB
3. Vodka sampling (3 kinds of vodka with traditional Russian snacks) - 450 RUB
4. Unguided tour - 200 RUB
5. Visit with audio guide - 300 RUB
6. Audio guide with vodka sampling - 500 RUB