Russian Vodka Museum celebrates the rich history of the world-famous Russian drink. It provides the unique opportunity to discover the secrets of vodka making, tells about centuries-old drinking traditions and uncover the important role which vodka plays in Russian social life.

The museum is located in the very heart of St. Petersburg near St. Isaac’s Square in the historical building of Headquarters and Stables of the Horse Guard Regiment.

The museum exhibition tells the detailed story of Russian national drink. Wax figures composition helps to feel the unique atmosphere of the XV century Chudov monastery in Moscow Kremlin where the monks produced the first “bread wine”. On the walls you’ll find old engravings, posters, portraits of Great Dukes, Tsars, Emperors and other notable historical personalities.. Among the exhibits are antique vessels, containers, kitchenware, and a matter of special pride to museum staff - a great collection of vodka bottles, that were used by the famous 19th century vodka manufactures. Russian glass and porcelain makers left numerous samples of their unfading art to their descendants, proving once again that “zastolie” (festive dining) is not just drinking but a beautiful ceremony deeply rooted into Russian history.

Our guides will take you on exciting journey through Russian vodka history which helps you to understand, the importance of vodka for Russian culture. After the exhibition you’ll be invited to vodka tasting. It will take place in a room decorated as a drinking house of the beginning of the XX century. There, at a traditional high table one you’ll sample several kinds of vodka with traditional Russian snacks - “zakuski”.

The museum exhibition will help you to understand how vodka production process in Russia have been developed and improved through the years.

Russian Vodka Museum is working under the same roof with the new restaurant "Russian VodkaRoom No. 1"