Welcome to Russian Vodka Museum at Number 4 Konnogvardeysky Boulevard,
Russian Vodka Museum reopened  in a  new location at Number 4 Konnogvardeysky Boulevard  under the same roof with  the new restaurant "Russian VodkaRoom No. 1"

Restaurant and museum complex is situated in the very heart of St. Petersburg near St. Isaac’s Square in the historical building of Headquarters and Stables of the Horse Guard Regiment.

Russian Vodka Museum is the first museum in Russia and in the world dedicated exclusively to Vodka. Its exhibition tells about the drink which has been an integral part and essential attribute of Russian life for centuries. Russian Vodka Museum is a member of "Museum Quarter. St.Petersburg."
The museum gives a fascinating insight into the Russian history, culture and drinking traditions. During the guided tour around museum our guests will hear about the vodka’s origin, Russian dining traditions, Russian vodka Kings, and get to understand close link between the history of the Russian State and the history of this strong drink.
We want you to enjoy your visit to Russian Vodka Museum and have the pleasure of better acquaintance with Russian character and traditions.



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Водка из винограда

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При указанном количестве исходного продукта выход водки ожидается до 7 л (очень светлой).